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3 times payment

3 times payment

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With Afrikrea, you have the possibility of making a 3 times payment from €60 purchase. To make a 3 times payment, you have to place your order as usual then choose the "3 x" payment option at the payment step.

Mobile view

Laptop view

  • At the check out , you need to pay 1/3 of the sub-total, the shipping fees and the 3 times payment fees (10% of the total amount = sub-total + shipping fees).

  • 30 days after your purchase, the second 1/3 is withdrawn

  • 60 days after your purchase, the third 1/3 is withdrawn

Let's take the above screenshot as an example :

On April 15, you make a purchase of €110 + €8 of shipping fees, so a total of €118,00

  • On April 15 you are charged €55.67 (1/3 of €110 = €36.66 + 10% of €110 = €11 of 3 times payment fees + €8 of shipping fees).

  • On May 15, you will be charged €36.67, which is the second third of €55.67

  • On June 15, you will be charged €36.67, the balance of the order

Display of the 3 times payments (buyer's side)

A buyer can see his monthly payments in :

  • The "Purchases" tab, in the orders in question

  • The wallet and upcoming payments tab

The buyer can see the upcoming payment dates, the due amount and the orders associated

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