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Choose your country of inspiration
Choose your country of inspiration

Choose your country of inspiration

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You no longer have to choose between your country of dispatch and your country of inspiration. You can now choose your country of inspiration for all your creations and also choose your country of shipping. We take into account the address you entered in the "Sending address" section for your country of residence.

The flags referring to your country of shipping and your country of inspiration will be displayed directly on your store as well as on each product page.

In order, the flag of your country of shipping will be in the first position followed by the flag of the country of inspiration.

You will be able to see the flags directly on the first page of your shop :

- The flags will also be displayed on the product sheets like this:

The advantage of distinguishing these two countries is first of all not to confuse the buyer when she has to make a product return but the country is different from the one you entered for your shop. The second advantage is to be able to show the two countries to which you have links. The one where you produce your items and the one where you are located.

To set up your country of inspiration you must:

- Go to the "Shop" tab of your account:

- Scroll down to the "Country of inspiration" section, you can see a drop-down list to select your country:

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