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The "Activity" section of my account
The "Activity" section of my account

The "Activity" section of my account

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The "Activity" section of your account provides you with various statistics, in order to better understand your buyers and optimize your efforts.

The statistics give you an overview of the performance of your activity over time: the number of sales, the most popular products, the positioning of your prices.

You will be able to observe the fluctuation of traffic and sales in your store, depending on the season and your marketing efforts.

Products stats

Measure the performance of its products:

  • Compare your prices & shipping costs with other similar products on ANKA

  • Measure the popularity of your products, in terms of: sales, number of views and number of times it has been put to the favorites

These stats allow you to understand which products are the most attractive to buyers, and thus determine your "bestsellers". Your "bestsellers" should guide you in the creation of your new products.

My stats

Measure the performance of his shop:

  • Number of sales over a definable period / what this represents in average sales per week

  • Number of visits over a definable period / what this represents in average sales per week

Select a period of at least 30 days, rather than 7 days to get a better idea of the performance of your store.

  • Average response time (hours)

An ideal response time is less than 24 hours.

  • Average response rate (%)

An ideal response rate is over 80%.

  • Average order processing time

  • Total sales volume

  • Item per sale, average basket per purchase

Missed Carts

A missed cart corresponds to a missed sale. When a buyer adds a product to her cart, but does not make the purchase 24 hours later, a missed cart is created.

You have access to the list of these missed carts:

  • The possibility of contacting buyers

  • Items in basket

  • The potential sales volume that missed carts represent

We strongly encourage you to contact these potential customers, in order to convince them to buy, by offering them a discount. Missed carts are displayed for 30 days.

Product requests

A product request is created when a customer selects a size or item that is not available for purchase.

The requests are listed by product. You can contact them individually or send a global message, to suggest a different model / size, or as soon as the product is available again.

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