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Become a verified seller
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The status of a verified seller attests to the quality of service of a creator. It gives credibility to your shop and reassures your customers.

The advantages of the status of a "verified seller"

The verified seller has many advantages:

  • Receiving Instant Payment that allows to receive their payments immediately after their funds transfer request has been finalized.

  • Receive money from a sale on your Anka account, upon acceptance of it, no need to wait for the sale to be completed

  • Better visibility on the site with products listed on the first pages and possibility of filtering by "verified shops"

  • A distinctive sign on your profile and products

Products from verified creators who make good sales and have obtained the best ratings are therefore more likely to appear more often on the front page.

How to obtain the status of a "verified seller"

A verified seller will be ranked higher than a seller without this label.

To obtain it, the following criterias must be respected:

1- If you sell on the Anka marketplace

  • Have at least 10 orders successfully processed

  • Ship with tracked shipping

  • Have an average rating above 4/5

  • No major complaints reported by customers through Anka's customer service

  • Be responsive to customer: Responsiveness implies having a response time of less than 24hrs and a response rate greater than or equal to 80%. It is important to note that the response rates are calculated over the last 30 days and on the bases of at least 3 messages. Your response rate can therefore vary considerably from month to month or even "N/A" (Not announced ie, not defined) if you don't receive enough messages.

2-If you use other services provided by ANKA:

  • No incidents reported in less than a month (shop suspension, fraud alert)

  • Account verification required for using the shipping service.

Here are the steps for account verification:

  1. Scan your proof of identity (international passport, voter's card, tax card, driver's license, or national identity card).

  2. Click on the link provided to upload the documents for our review.

  3. Our team will review your documents and communicate with you regarding our decision within 48 hours.

    Once your identity has been verified once, you will not have to do it again.

Do not hesitate to contact the customer service to request for the "verified seller'' label, we will then examine your store to see if you are eligible.

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