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Thank you for trusting Anka!

Thanks to this guide, discover all the stages of opening your Anka store. You will find tips on how to start the seller adventure at Anka.

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Anka marketplace in a few words

On Anka marketplace each designer manages his shop independently. Namely, the choice of items offered, the processing of orders, shipping and customer service. Throughout the transaction, the vendor or the customer can directly exchange with the other party.

Opening of a shop

Opening your Anka store gives you access to all of our services, namely:

  • Personalized coaching to sell more

  • A DHL service at a reduced price to ship your Anka orders and those outside to the whole world

  • A payment link for your orders outside of Anka, on which a commission of 7% is charged.

  • You have Anka customer support at all times

  • We provide tools on your Anka space that allow you to monitor the performance of your store

  • You can add as many creations as you want in your shop

There is a commission package. Each shop will be charged according to its sales channel. The billing for a shop is subject to change depending on the evolving criteria.

We offer discounted packs for quarterly, semi-annual or annual invoicing. The amounts are then:

  • 60€ per quarter

  • 100€ per half-year

  • 200 € per year

If you don't have an Anka account yet, just open your shop by clicking here. You can also choose your delivery profiles and have access to all of our services.

Put your shop online

Your store is only online from 3 registered products.

We recommend adding at least 12 to have a full shop that makes you want to buy !

The idea behind this is that the more items you have in your store, the more shopping opportunities you have and therefore the better your chances of selling.

Good to know: the vendors who sell the most on Anka, have between 50 and 100 creations in their shop.

Your product sheets

An attractive product sheet includes the following elements:

  • Product photo: the product photo highlights and enhances the creation

  • Title and description of the product: the title of the product must allow us to understand what we clicked on. The description gives in detail all the information necessary for customers to buy.

  • Product specifications: color and material filters are used a lot on the site. Choosing a dominant color and material for each product will greatly improve the quality of the buyer's search, which will find you more easily.

  • The choice of the management of your stocks: you have the choice between the options of stocks "made to order" or by quantity. If you choose the "made to order" stock management option, you start production as soon as you receive an order. The advantage is that you no longer have to manage your stocks. If you choose the other option, you will have to enter the number of quantities and sizes available for each of your items yourself.

  • Your shipping profiles: setting competitive delivery rates is crucial to attracting buyers and selling more. Discover our typical delivery profiles with our DHL partners, to send all your orders from your home.

Finalize the shop setup

Once the creations are online, you can personalize your store to make it more attractive, more authentic.

Visit your boutique space to beautify your shop.

The elements to be treated are:

  • Avatar: putting a photo representing your store adds a confidence to buyers.

  • The banner: the banner allows you to identify yourself, thanks to a photo, among the other vendors. This photo will be on the cover of your store. You can then use this space to pass messages during events or to highlight items from your shop.

  • The description of your shop: describe your shop in a few words to share your environment with buyers.

  • Keywords related to your store: these keywords make it easier for buyers to distinguish your store when searching for an item using filters.

  • Currency: choose the currency in which you want your items to be displayed.

  • Your shipping and return address: this address allows you to locate your store, so a country flag will be displayed next to your avatar.

  • Conditions of sale: on Anka.marketplace you must accept conditions for all sellers but you can also add specific conditions of sale to your shop.

The progress of a sale

My first sale

When you receive an order, the customer has already paid by bank card, Paypal or her Anka wallet. The money is then transferred to your virtual wallet. You can withdraw this amount by bank transfer or transfer, as soon as the customer has received her order.

You have 48 hours to accept the sale. Once accepted, you just have to send the package. If the order is refused by you, the customer is automatically reimbursed.

Impeccable customer service

A good customer relationship will increase your chances of retaining your customers and benefiting from word of mouth.

You must take this into account at the different stages of the order:

  • Before ordering: when future customers ask questions, it is better to answer between 6 and 8h. Stay friendly, available, and thank them for their interest in your store.

  • During the order: when you have an order, you can send a thank you message to your customers to reassure them and confirm the processing of the order. We recommend sending a message at each stage of the order to keep in touch.

  • After the order: the customers receives the package, it is advisable to thank them, and to make sure that they appreciate their orders and your work. Finally, offer to leave an evaluation if you have not already done so.

  • Some time after: keep in touch by sending a message a few weeks after ordering to ask if they are still satisfied with their purchases. You can also offer them advantages if they wish to re-order (free shipping, reduction, using a reduction code).

Payment for my sale

The amount of your sales is automatically paid into your portfolio, upon receipt of the order by a customer.

The money available in your wallet can be used to buy the services offered by Anka or to buy items on the site. You can also transfer this money to your bank account or make a transfer.

Become a verified seller: get paid faster

The status of "verified seller" attests to the seriousness and professionalism of the vendor. The latter will benefit from various advantages, which will simplify its activity and increase its chances of sales. The aim is also to reassure customers who are still hesitant and to direct them towards the vendors who will be most attentive to them.

The advantages of the verified seller

  • The vendor is credited with the money from a sale in his virtual wallet upon acceptance, and therefore can withdraw it faster

  • Highlights in the first pages and selection

  • A distinctive sign on his shop and his products which will reassure the customer even more about his ability to be treated well, and therefore to buy

  • More visibility, because customers can filter their product searches on verified sellers only, if they wish

Conditions for accessing this status

1- If you sell on the Anka marketplace

  • Have at least 10 orders successfully processed

  • Ship with tracked shipping

  • Have an average rating above 4/5

  • No major complaints reported by customers through Anka's customer service

  • Be responsive to customer: Responsiveness implies having a response time of less than 24hrs and a response rate greater than or equal to 80%. It is important to note that the response rates are calculated over the last 30 days and on the bases of at least 3 messages. Your response rate can therefore vary considerably from month to month or even "N/A" (Not announced ie, not defined) if you don't receive enough messages.

2-If you use other services provided by ANKA:

  • No incidents reported in less than a month (shop suspension, fraud alert)

  • Account verification required for using the shipping service.

Here are the steps for account verification:

  1. Scan your proof of identity (international passport, voter's card, tax card, driver's license, or national identity card).

  2. Click on the link provided to upload the documents for our review.

  3. Our team will review your documents and communicate with you regarding our decision within 48 hours.

    Once your identity has been verified once, you will not have to do it again.

Marketing action: increase your visibility

The more visible you are on anka.marketplace , the more you sell.

The rules for displaying products on Anka.marketplace

The creations are displayed on the first pages according to display rules defined by Anka. Depending on the sales of the products, his views and the professionalism of the seller, we assign a score to each creation. It is this score that determines the order in which products are displayed.

Appear first in search filters

Most buyers use search filters to find creations that appeal to them. To make sure you appear there, add new creations regularly and make sure you're in the most used filters.

Build your community

One of the best selling strategies available to you is interacting with your community on social media. Sharing your Anka shop there can dramatically increase your visibility.

Use the advertising on Anka

You can directly display your creations on the front page, by taking Boost Packs. These display credits allow your creations to be given priority on the site. There are different types of Boost Packs depending on your strategy.

5 key factors to succeed on Anka.marketplace

Highlight your best sellers

Identifying your best sellers is the first step towards better sales. To do this, go to your Anka store. Then sort your products by popularity. Your best sales from the last 30 days will then appear. These are your bestsellers of the month.

If a product has already sold and is selling well, you must ensure that it is always available. Avoid out of stock as much as possible. A product that pleases but is not available in the size desired by the customer represents a missed opportunity to close a sale!

You can also offer order management (tailor-made for the customer).

In general, the quality of photos influences visitor clicks. The more beautiful a store has, the more likely it is to attract. Take care of the visual appearance of your store.

A fair and attractive price for your items

Price is a very important key success factor because it can be a hindrance to sales. Indeed, 1 out of 2 missed basket results from too high a price. Always make sure that the price is in line with the product offered.

You can set your prices based on your costs, manufacturing time, desired profit margin etc. If you want to maximize your sales volumes, the profit margin should not exceed 50% of your costs.

High prices must always be justified by added value. The consumer must clearly perceive this value otherwise he will not buy. If in doubt about the evaluation of your prices, you can use our statistical price comparison tool.

Develop your brand and create a community

In the digital age, being present on social networks is a necessity for any seller who wants to develop their brand and create a community. Our analysis has shown us that Top Sellers do this:

  • They are mainly present on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

  • They have active fans and followers. These people generally represent 1/10 of their entire virtual community.

  • They post attractive and varied content (videos, photos, stories or even GIFs)

  • They systematically share the link of their Anka stores in its page descriptions and posts

The Top Seller masters social networks. He feeds them daily and maintains the link with his community.

Social networks are essential. 69% of people who say they know African fashion brands follow these brands on social networks.

Impeccable customer service

Customers appreciate being answered quickly and anticipating their requests. Frequent interaction with your customers will help you better understand their expectations and aspirations.

Having a successful store requires some discipline in follow-up. In a society where customers expect instantaneity, a designer must have impeccable customer service. The following points should therefore be observed:

  • The number of confirmed orders

  • The number of canceled orders

  • Response time to messages

  • Message response rate

  • Average time to prepare an order

  • Evaluation scores obtained

Animate your store with commercial actions

If you want to make flash sales or thank a loyal customer with a discount coupon. Create a special offer, promotions or a coupon. Tools dedicated to commercial operations are available if you want to set up your own commercial operations independently. We recommend that you do not directly lower the prices of your articles but to make promotions on given articles. So customers will see change.

Your missed baskets are also opportunities. Making offers to them (free delivery, discount coupons) can help you turn them into customers.

A Top Seller systematically offers offers to its most attractive missed baskets and ensures that there are highlights for its shop throughout the year (Sales, Black Friday etc.)

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