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How do I purchase an item on Anka?
How do I purchase an item on Anka?
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Shopping on Anka is very simple. Follow these 5 steps.

Step One - Find the Right Product

Choose the category of creations you are looking for in the menu.

To facilitate your search, the filters are at your disposal. You can filter by style / color / size or even by "free shipping"

Once you like a creation, just click on it to access its product page.

Step two - Add your items to the cart, then Confirm

On the product page, you can contact the designer, ask him questions and ask for details on the item (size or fabric for example).

If the creation suits you, click on "Add to basket" and select your size if necessary.

Click on your basket at the top right of the site, then click on Order.

Step three - fill in your delivery information

Step Four - Finalize Your Purchase

On the payment page, you have the choice between 4 payment methods. You can verify your information. Once everything is good, you just have to click on "Pay" to finalize your purchase.

Your order has been confirmed as soon as you receive confirmation on the site and by email.

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