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My payment is rejected
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You tried using your card for payment on Anka and it did not go through

The transaction may have been refused by your bank. It might be because of their security policy. We invite you then to contact them for authorization.

Your recurring payment is rejected

An email is sent to you to make to correct the situation. You can use a payment other than the one used before.

There is also a link on your account allowing you to make the payment.

Rejected payment procedure

If a recurring payment is rejected, the buyer gets automatically a link by email or on his account to regulate the situation. By clicking on the link, he can make a new payment through another type of payment if needed.

A reminder will be sent to him until the payment is made.

Buyer’s page

If a buyer wishes to correct his situation, he should wait to get the link by email or on his account. Unfortunately, it cannot be done before the email reception.

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