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Be more visible with search filters
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Some buyers are in a hurry, while others know exactly what they want. They use the filter searches to better target their searches, this research is therefore an opportunity for additional visibility for creators who fall into the category selected by the client. If your popularity and store score are still low, work your way up by categorization.

There are different filter searches that you can use to your advantage :

Offer free delivery

The free shipping cost always seduces buyers interest in finding good deals. This can represent 15% and 30% of additional sales. Your store will be more visible because the “Free Shipping” filter is the most used filter on the website. To do this, care must be taken to configure your delivery profiles.

Make sales

The price remains the important factor for sales, search by products on sale has always been the most used.

An attractive price can make all the difference for their wallet and your visibility!

So whether your products are on sale or you are offering a commercial offer systematically mention it by updating it on your seller profile.

Remember to systematically validate your current offers and promotions in the “commercial offers” tab. Do not change your prices directly in the “products” category as you risk not benefiting from the visibility given to the items on sale.

Find your bestsellers

Bestsellers can represent up to 70% of a creators sale.

Make sure you always have your best selling creations available. The more a product sells, the more it is visible on Anka.

Bestsellers are often searched for by customers who are looking for a product that appeals to their needs and are in trend.

Products from Anka’s top sellers are automatically listed.

Add new products

Loyal customers and regular visitors to the site are often looking for something new, they tend often to search this category.

To be included in this category, regularly update the photos in your catalog and suggest new products. We recommend that you offer at least 4 new products per quarter, i.e. 12 products a year. Priority is given to new creations, this means those that were put online less than a month ago.

You will notice that the search criteria relates to the price (free delivery, promotions) and products (newly proposed, popularity) are recurrent. Tame them and see the change in your store.

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