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Sell more through social media
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Federating your community around your brand is essential for your awareness. It is one of the essential elements to enlarge one's customer base. But it doesn't take much time to invest.

The ideal post rate

It takes at least 1 post per day to build visibility on Instagram and Facebook. Below , the elements of a winning post:

  • Frequency of publication : at least once a day

  • Offer at least 1 or more products per post

  • Invite your community to visit your Anka shop

  • Remind them that your creation is for sale and encourage purchase

Your subscribers should always know what you want from them.

Create your catalog on Instagram and Facebook

Having your catalog of products on your facebook and instagram strengthens your communication and your sales. Your community can acquire your creation in a few clicks. We have a guide to integrate your catalog

Always keep your community member alert. Communicate on your Anka news and give exclusive offers to your subscribers. Make them want to continue to follow you and rely on your information. Share fun stories, create a visual identity for your store. Get them involved and get their feedback on your products, this celebrates their engagement.

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