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Visibility rules: how are creations displayed
Visibility rules: how are creations displayed
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The visibility of a product depends on 2 parameters: the popularity score and the shop score.

The popularity score is a function of 4 variables. Each variable is evaluated as to obtain a score out of 10.

The popularity score includes:

As for the shop score, it is calculated according to 3 variables. It is evaluated on the same principles as the popularity score. The shop score includes:

The combination of these 2 scores gives you an overall score out of 20. It is this score that will determine your ranking when displaying your products. This note is visible on all of the products in your store. This is the 4th encrypted information at the top right of your photos. Buyers do not see product ratings.

The below photo is an example of an article that has just been added, its visibility score is therefore 0/20. As your article is viewed and purchased, your popularity score will increase.

The number of views and favorites should be put into perspective. Indeed they do not make you stand out significantly according to the algorithm, although this plays a role in your visibility.

So it's the sales that influence your popularity score the most. And be noted, from 5 sales in 30 days your sales score will be high rocketed. So new sellers who make quick sales can make their way to the top of the first page.

You have to sell more to be seen and not the other way around. Products from verified sellers who make good sales and have obtained the best evaluations will appear more often on the first page.

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