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Define article processing and delivery time
Define article processing and delivery time
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As a seller on Anka, you must be as transparent as possible with your customers, because this is how you will succeed in building a trustworthy relationship with them.

Most of the disputes on Anka are due to delays in the processing and delivery of orders, but more than that a lack of communication between the designer and her client. Our experiences have shown us that by respecting these 2 rules, it is possible to avoid the majority of disputes:

1. Defining the process and delivery time

The time you indicate in your delivery profile corresponds to the processing (preparation also if the item is custom made) and the delivery of orders. It is therefore important to add the processing time + the delivery time to give the customer a good estimate of the time during which he will have to wait before receiving the order.

To find out how to modify your delivery profiles, you can refer to the article: Configure your delivery profiles.

2. In case of an expected delay ,communicate it as soon as possible to the customer

Like in a relationship, it is often the lack of communication or poor communication that creates problems. We therefore recommend that you indicate to customers your processing and delivery time in the standard message you send when accept the order, Also remember to confirm their measurements.

In addition to this it is essential to notify all the customers concerned as soon as possible in the event of delays in the processing, preparation or delivery of orders.

Note that in the event of delay, we will be obliged to proceed with the cancellation and reimbursement of an order, if the client requests it. You will find more information in the following article: My order is still not shipped.


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