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Provide more choice for clients

Provide more choice for clients

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The biggest problem for potential customers and users of the Afrikrea site is the lack of choice in stock and sizes. Many customers are frustrated that they can not acquire designer products because there is often not enough inventory or sizes available.

In fact, customers often want the same color, Always offering best sellers is the key to regular and substantial income (100% of creators who make more than €2000 /month do so)

Here are ‘ tips to follow in order to increase sale possibilities:

Have a minimum of 5 products in stock

Customers are often frustrated by the unavailability of stock. This happens especially when we highlight creations on social networks, and they become unavailable because there was only 1 product in stock. This will give you a sale and give you the opportunity to find other solutions for the other buyers wanting the same product such as, requesting time to create the product for them, or you can simply refuse the order and notify when the product is available again. It is better to refuse a sale than not to have it at all.

Suggest as many sizes as possible

This point mainly concerns clothing designers. As with stock, many buyers are held back as they can not find their sizes available. This severely limits their choices and can lose the opportunity to get in touch with them to gather information regarding their needs , it is always possible to offer different colors, or explain that the manufacturing tile will be longer. There is a good chance that a solution will be found and that the sale will ultimately be made. So offer as many sizes as possible without forgetting to have at least 5 products of each size in stock.

Make to order

For those who have a large quantity of sizes and stock available, or who make to order; it is possible to place them “to order” directly on the product sheet, this way more stock and sizes to manage. Just go to the form of the creation and check the box “on order”

Respond to product request

A product request is made when a customer selects a size or an item not available for purchase. You can then contact the client individually or send a global message to suggest a different model/size, or as soon as the creation is available again.

By following these tips, you will provide more choices to your customers, you will create more opportunities and contacts which will certainly turn into more sales and a larger customer base.

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