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Analyze the result of my boost pack
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Two scenarios can appear after having expired your boost pack:

You have not generated sales

  • Too many products selected: Display credits can run out quickly if you boost several items at the same time. In this case, certain products will not benefit from the desired visibility, which will result in little or no sale. We recommend limiting the selected creations.

  • Selection of boosted items: it is imperative that you select the products that have already sold or that are popular. These are the bestsellers that will benefit the most from visibility. Always highlight what works.

The Boost Pack generates sale

  • Optimizing sales: Display credits flow faster if you boost several products. To optimize your visibility and your sales we recommend extending your Boost Pack over a longer period, and focusing on a limited number of creations.

  • Too many products selected: remember it is imperative to boost only products that have proven themselves. To boost your sales we recommend only boosting 5 items for the 10 euros Boost Pack and between 6/15 items for the other Boost Packs. You will reach as many people as possible without your display credit going too quickly.

Some figures to remember :

When the credit functioned: on average the boosted products generate 9 times the amount invested and up to 140 times for the best cases! Boosted products attract customers to the store, which promote sales of products that are not boosted but are available in your store. These sales of non boosted products during the boost period represent up to 227% sales.

When the Boost Pack didn't bring any results : we found that in 100% of the cases, the boosted product had never been sold before. Visibility is not enough. No creator has made sales once boosted if he/she had not made sales before. The visibility of the Boost Pack does not sell it allows above all accentuate the success of what is already popular… it is therefore essential to optimize the investment, to have found products that sell, and bet on those that are least in part.

On Anka, the creators' commitment to their shop is rewarded. We have taken on the habit of rewarding the the 10 creators who sell the most by offering Boost Packs (Visibility on the site and social media) . The 10 creators with the fastest response time are also rewarded . Being in one of these top 10 gives you the opportunity to benefit from packs and visibility for free.

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