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Have Discounts
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On Afrikrea, it is possible to offer different types of discounts to your customers.

1- Promotions

Sales allow you to create basic discounts. You can create discount profiles and assign them to creations or products categories

1) Click on the ?discount? icon on your profile

2) You can create your 1st discount profile or manage and modify your current profiles.

3) Fill in the fields according to the discount profile

Mobile view

You can define the duration of the discount by checking the box ?define a limited period?, otherwise it will be unlimited and you will need to stop it manually.

To finish, pay attention to name your discount profile, so that it is clear and understandable for you, for example, in the above image we named it ?FLASH? if you are finished click ?create?.

4) In your discount space, you can modify or delete a discount profile

5) You can create a discount on a single product from the product form.

In your ?PRODUCT? space, modify the reduced price to round it up or readjust it. To do this click on the price to access the form.

2- Special offers

Special offers allows you to create discounts based on the number or amount of purchases made by the buyer.

1) When you are in your sales area click on ?Special offers?.

2) Once in the ?special offers? area, you can create, modify and manage your discount profiles.

3) You now have to fill in the fields in accordance to the profile you want to create.

You can define under which conditions the discounts applies. The discount can be in %, ?, or free delivery.

It can apply to product categories or only to products of your choice.

3- Discount coupons

Discount coupons are a good way to reward loyal customers or those who buy in large quantities.

The functionality allows you to create a discount code that the customer can use to benefit from a reduction.

1) In your sales area, click on ?discount code?

2) You can create,modify and manage your discount profile .

3) Fill in the different fields according to the discount profiles you wish to create.

You can define the number of authorized code usage per client. The discount can be in %, ? or free delivery.

It can apply to one or more categories of products, but also, only to products of your choice.

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