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How to create my personal website in a few clicks
How to create my personal website in a few clicks
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You can create your own mini website directly from your Anka account. This will allow you to direct all your clients to your website landing page, which will only show your collections.

Your personal website gives you the freedom to showcase your items without the constraints of managing a regular website.

How to put your personal website online?

1- Activate your personal website

Go to your Anka account and click on the tab “Personal website", then click on "Activate my site".

2 - Organize your site

Your website is now activated. The link to your mini-site will appear at the top right of your page. You can now share it.

To finalize your personal website, you need to :

- Upload a logo.The logo should be different from your profile picture.

- Upload a banner and add a description to your shop. These can be identical to the ones in your Anka shop.

- Create collections to showcase your articles.

How to create a collection?

You can create up to four (4) collections on your mini-site. These will appear on the first page of the site. Each collection will have a cover photo and a name associated with it. You will need to add these two elements. The number of items added to a collection is not limited, therefore you can add as many as you wish to each collection.

To add a collection, you need to:

- Click on “New” in the tab “Collection”

- Add a cover photo and a name to your collection

- To add items to your collection, go to your Anka website :

Select the items youand click on the arrow at the top right of each item photo. Then select the collection you wish to add your items to.

At any given time, you can remove items that are in your collections and delete one or several collections.

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