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Products authorized for sale
Products authorized for sale
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Anka.marketplace reserves the right to deactivate products that do not comply with the list of authorized creations, and those reported as copies or plagiarism. If it happens several times at the same creator's, it is his shop which risks being deactivated. Please find below details of our product acceptance policy on the site.

1- Unauthorized products

  • Products with poor quality photos or are not sufficiently clear.

  • The prohibited products defined in the General Conditions of Sale.

  • Fashion, art and craft products that do not fall under Anka's definition of an African-inspired creation.

2- Creations inspired by Africa

We consider a creation inspired by Africa any product which meets the following conditions:

  • Creations composed of African materials of origin or use, whether fabrics, pearls, patterns or other components of the product.

  • With a message or meaning clearly related to Africa or the "Afro" culture

  • All creations that the Anka team accepts to qualify as African-inspired creations

3- Regarding copying and plagiarism

Products qualified as copying or plagiarism by the Anka team will be automatically deactivated. And if it happens several times at the same creator's, it is his shop which risks being deactivated. You can report any creation that is a copy or plagiarism, by going to the page of this product, and by clicking on "Report this product to Anka", below the "Contact the seller" button.

It is prohibited to use photos from other brands or sites. You should only put photos that belong to you.

You are also not allowed to offer creations identical to those of another existing brand.

We also encourage you to help us by "reporting" products that do not comply with this charter via the link available on each product page just under the "Contact the seller" block and before the "Reviews" block.

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