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Social Media Boost Pack: How does it work?
Social Media Boost Pack: How does it work?
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What is a Social Media Boost Pack?

A Social Media Boost Pack is a credited views Boost Pack which is considered as sponsored content. It includes display credit as well as a feature on Anka's Facebook page. The display credit (100, 000 views) can be used directly on the Anka platform. The Social Media option will be used on Facebook exclusively.

Why buy a Social Media Boost Pack?

Beyond visibility, the Social Media Boost Pack can also serve these objectives:

  • Present your brand to the hundreds of thousands of Anka followers

  • Spark continuous interest in your shop

  • Showcase your new items to potential customers

  • Communicate on any ongoing offers/discounts you may be having

How does a Social Media Boost Pack work?

Once you buy a Boost Pack, you will be contacted within a few days by our Team for your Facebook feature details. The feature generally consists in a post with 4 or 8 pictures that is published on our Facebook page. We recommend choosing HD photos.

Good to know: You can also send the Anka URL links of your items instead of pictures to save time and energy!

A Social Media Boost Pack can be purchased by any active seller on the website. However, if he/she were to promote items or pictures that he/she does not own the rights to or products forbidden by our Terms and Conditions, the post will be immediately deleted and his/her shop blocked.

Why don't you post sponsored content on Instagram?

As of August 2020, the Social Media Boost Pack no longer gives you access to an Instagram feature. This decision was taken in order to maintain the visual and content quality of the account as we received numerous requests with pictures of lower quality.

However, we do not exclude posting for free on Instagram any sponsored content that has been performing well on Facebook. We generally do so within 15 days after its original date of publishing.

Archiving of sponsored content

WE DO NOT archive sponsored content on Facebook. Any post published will remain on the page indefinitely.

It is different for Instagram. Any post that does not reach 1000 likes after 7 days will be archived.

What's next ?

Please check the Analize the result of my boost pack article.

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