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Refund policy
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Refunds are systematically made to your ANKA wallet. You can then choose to use the funds to place a new order, or transfer them from your online space to the payment method of your choice: bank account, PayPal, Orange Money, Payoneer or M-PESA.

Please find the following link which will tell you how to make a transfer from my ANKA wallet

As long as the order has not yet been dispatched, its cancellation will automatically result in a refund of the total amount of the purchase (including postage and customs if applicable).

There is only one case in which a customer can ask for a refund of the return postage: if the product is not in conformity. In this case, the seller will pay the return costs.

A product is considered to be non-conforming if it meets one of the following conditions

- the product has arrived damaged
- there is a manufacturing defect
- the colour/fabric is different from that of the product shown in the photo on the website
- the product is not the same as the one shown on the website
- the materials and other descriptive elements are different from reality
- for a made-to-measure product, if the measurements have not been confirmed before shipment
The table below, which can be found in the seller's charter, summarises the different types of cases in which an order may be refunded:


Total order

Total order- delivery fees

Total order + return fees

According to seller's general terms and conditions

Order "To ship"


Order shipped without tracking number or sending proof


order shipped with tracking number or sending proof : tracking number shows no progression and no news


In case of package refusal due to customs fees


Customer specifies a date of delivery from order creation and the date has passed


Order received : return request made before 15 days after delivery , product is compliant and non-defective


Order received : return request made before 15 days after delivery , product is non-compliant or is defective(customer proof)


Order received: return request made after 15 days of delivery. Product is compliant and non-defective


NB: For all return requests after a period of 15 days following receipt of the package, please consult the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of the shop concerned.

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