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Add a product

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Add an article

To sell more and sell better, we recommend adding new products to your store every month.

For information, the shops that sell best on Afrikrea have between 30 to 50 products, and regularly offer promotions.

To add a product

In the "Products" section of your account, click on "Add a product" and fill in the fields.

Some advice for your product sheets

1. Product photos The quality of your product photos is decisive for selling. Buyers are very sensitive to photos. According to our studies, this is the main factor that decides to buy. So make sure you have good photos, following our advice:

Add 4 to 5 photos per product: highlight different angles to see the maximum of details and possible situations

Promote natural lighting or sufficient light

Prefer a plain light background (preferably white): the background should complement the product without distracting attention

Try to take high definition photos as much as possible

Finally, make sure your photos have the right dimensions, you will find more information on the ideal dimensions here

2. Title and description

The title and description must be adapted to your product.

The title must be short, precise and indicate the nature of the product. We recommend at least 5 words, including keywords to be more visible on search engines.

The description should give all the information necessary for customers to buy: the materials used, the colors available, the dimensions and the maintenance conditions. Above all, do not hesitate to highlight the uniqueness of your product (e.g. noble material, country of manufacture, history behind the product).

The more precise and complete the description, the more the customer is satisfied with her experience and likely to buy.

The more precise and complete the descriptions, the more the customer is satisfied with her experience and likely to buy.

3. Specifications

Make sure you define the category of your product, as well as its specifications: material, color and style, so that it is easy to find in the search results on the site.

4. Check or uncheck "On order"

You will find more information in the following article: Display only sizes in stock.

5. Determine a competitive price

To help you, you can compare your prices with those of similar products sold on To do this, go to the "Activity" section of your account.

6. Select the delivery profile suitable for the product, or create one

You will find more information in the following 2 articles:

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