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Modify your shipping profile
Modify your shipping profile
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To best develop your online business, it is essential to take shipping cost seriously. Over 50% of orders abandoned by buyers are linked to the excessively high shipping costs, and unclear shipping conditions. It is therefore important to know how to use shipping profiles wisely in order to increase your chances of having more sales.

On Anka, we recommend offering the shipping cost whenever possible as you can increase your sales by 30% with free shipping.

FYI: You will find all the DHL shipping prices in the "How to ship" tab of your account.

Here are the different steps to modify a shipping profile:

1 - Go to your account, then to the “Shipping” or “Shipping Profiles” tab

2 - You are in the space where you can create, modify and manage your shipping profiles.You already have a default shipping profile which applies to all of your product, you can then create your 1st profile and/or modify your default profile.

3 - You just have to fill in the different fields relating to the desired shipping profile. You have the option of adding geographic areas and countries other than those required. The shipping profile can apply to one or more product category.

Also take the step to name your shipping profile so that it is clear and understandable for you and then click on “Update Profile”.

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4 - You can also modify the shipping costs of a shipping profile from a product formula, but beware as the changes will also apply to other products from this profile.

To change the shipping cost of a product only, simply create a new shipping profile from the form.

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It is important to take into account the products concerned by the shipping profile that you create. It will always be the last updated profile that will be taken into account. For example: if you create a shipping profile for dresses it will only concern dresses, but if the next day you create a new profile on all clothes or your whole store it is this last profile that will apply to dresses.

We advise comparing carriers to find the best formula for your shipments, in this subject we have a partnership with DHL allowing Anka sellers to benefit from advantageous prices. You will find more information in the following article: Ship Afrikrea orders with our DHL Afrikrea account.

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