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I cannot find the refund in my wallet
I cannot find the refund in my wallet
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03 times payment order

You may have been refunded for an order but you are not able to see the funds in your wallet. This is probably because you have purchased several products or placed several orders from different shop at once choosing the 3 times payments method, and the installments are still in effect.

If you opted for the 3 times payment, the canceled order funds are deducted from your upcoming payments instead of being credited in your wallet.

For instance:

On June 22 you made a purchase from 4 shops for a total of €125. The prices of each single product were €40 + €40 + €10 + €35.

As you have decided to pay in 03 instalments, you paid €53 on that day. You then have two upcoming payments of €36 forJuly 22 and €36 for August 22.

Now one order for a value €40 has been canceled. The refund is deducted from your upcoming payments which was a total of 72€ (36€ + 36€). Thus, you now have to pay €32 instead of 72€

Do not worry with calculations. You will have the detail inside the order once canceled, as below.

If you would like to see all yours upcoming payments, go to the “wallet” tab and click on “upcoming debits”.

Classical refund: for a one-time payment order

If it is an order paid that has fully been paid at once, your refund is automatically located into your wallet.

Start by checking if the order is canceled or if it is partially refunded. Go to the “Purchases” tab in your account and check if a refund is made.

If a refund is done and you cannot see the funds into your Afrikrea wallet, please contact us at [email protected]

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