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Configure your shipping profiles
Configure your shipping profiles
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The main advantages of pre-filled delivery profiles are:


- Just enter the product price, with no additional costs!- Use our default ANKA shipping profiles or update them to create your own now. The platform will dynamically modify your prices to reflect the total cost in an attractive way: with a maximum shipping cost of €10 or even free shipping (automatically).

This is called dynamic pricing and is explained in more detail here.


- Our default "ANKA shipping profiles" are based on DHL prices that we have integrated.

- They are updated automatically without the need for you to change them

They cover all destinations in the world, including any remote shipping costs, so you are covered effortlessly.

From the " Shipping" section of the product file, you have the possibility to "edit the profile" (1) or to "create a new shipping profile" (2) - (see image below)

Upon clicking on " Create a new shipping profile", a new grid is displayed as shown in the image below. You just have to complete it by specifying the shipping costs per zone/country and by giving the name of the desired shipping profile. When the form is completed, click on the "Create profile" button.

If you want to create your own shipping profiles, it is important to create shipping profiles that respect certain criterias:

  • The size and weight of your packages

  • The content of your packages

  • Correctly assign the item to a well-defined shipping profile

  • Respect the different shipping rates of the carriers

The shipping rate is different from one carrier to another, we advise you to contact the carriers so that they can provide you with the different rates.

You will find all DHL rates according to the country of shipping and the weight of the package in the " Shipping Calculator" tab of the "Shipping" section of your account.

Also, to create your shipping profiles, simply follow the steps below via the " Shipping" tabs, then "Shipping Profiles" :

After clicking on " Shipping profiles", a new window appears. The image below gives you an overview of a shipping profile management. From here you have 3 options:

- Use the default shipping profile ? Paid Shipping?, for all your items which already includes our DHL rates taking into account your location;

- Modify some fields of this default shipping profile by clicking on " Edit Profile", if you have better rates for some destinations than DHL.

For example, if you are located in Metropolitan France and wish to ship a package to Metropolitan France as well, it may be more advantageous for you to ship it using another carrier.

- Do not use the default shipping profile and create your own by clicking on "New Profile".

By clicking on " New profile", a new grid is displayed as shown on the picture below. You just have to complete it by specifying the shipping costs by zone/country and by product category that you have defined, as well as the name of the chosen shipping profile. When the form is completed, kindly click on the "Create profile" button.

NB: The "APPLY TO" section, allows you to apply your shipping profile to one or more products, or to product categories. By clicking on the search bar, all your product categories are displayed (see picture below).

Please note that, you have the possibility to edit the costs of a shipping profile from a product file. Be careful! The modifications will also apply to the other products concerned by this shipping profile.

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