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How to return or exchange an item on Anka ?
How to return or exchange an item on Anka ?
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You can now manage your product returns requests from your account. Returns management takes place in a few steps.

But, before getting into the return process, you should please be aware of the conditions:

The delay

You have a period of 15 days after receiving your order to make a return.

This period is applied in accordance with Hamon law and European consumer laws.

In case your return request occurs out of the delay, it is now the return policy of the seller who comes into force. He can accept the return under his own conditions or reject it.

Are all product eligible to return ?

Some items can be return without consent and some not. All return requests, concerning customized items, swimwear or underwear, are subject to acceptance by the seller. Indeed, he is under no obligation to accept. For all other types, you have the right to make a return without consent or under no condition.

Who is bearing the cost of return ?

The return cost is on the buyer, except in the case of a non-compliant product received.

What is a product considered as non-compliant ?

A product is defined as non-compliant, if you provide proof (pictures/videos) of one of the following:

  • The product arrived damaged

  • The product is defective

  • The color is different from the product pictures

  • The product is different from the pictures. For example: The fabric and other elements described are different from the truth (it says silk but it is not true)

  • For custom-made products, if the measurements provided have not been followed

Note that, for the return of a non-compliant product, the return fees are on the seller and the buyer is fully refunded.

Here above are the conditions for requesting a return. If your product received is eligible, you should follow these steps:

Steps to request for a return

1. From your purchase list, select the order, and click on “Return my order” box as shown in the image below.

If this is an order contains multiple items, select the items you want to return.

Even if you have already confirm the reception, you can still request a return.

2. Mention the reason of your return request in the dedicated box and then click on "refund" for confirming your request.

Once clicked, you will have access to the return address.

  • If your item is a compliant one and eligible for return as described above, you can ship it to the address provided. You will have 15 days to ship the product. Please it is important to select a carrier that provides an international tracking number, so that the parcel can be tracked. Refunds are made once the item is delivered to the seller. The tracking number will attest the delivery.

  • If your item received is non compliant with the order, in accordance with the criteria mentioned above, you should provide proof (pictures or videos of the item received) showing elements that are not compliant.
    You just have to press on "contact the seller" and send these proofs in the conversation box within the same 15 days delay for return request.

3. Once you have shipped the item, you will click on “Shipped”, it notifies the seller that you have shipped the package.

We suggest that you ship back the item with an international tracking number to avoid any dispute later. You should communicate the tracking number and the courrier service to the seller.
Please, keep carefully the receipt until the dispute gets close.

Your refund is made when the item is delivered to the seller.

4. If your exchange or refund request is refused by the seller, you will be notified directly in your order. You can contact the customer service at [email protected] if you want to challenge this decision.
You can also contact the customer service if the seller is not replying to your request after 72 hours.

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