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What is Anka?
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Anka.marketplace is the marketplace where you can create your store, sell your products and manage your orders daily. It is part of ANKA services.

Anka.marketplace is your platform to discover, buy and sell fashion, art and crafts Made Of Africa around the world.

Anka brings together creators, African or not, from all over the world and allows them to open an online store to sell their creations. You then have in one place the greatest variety of fashion, art and crafts inspired by Africa. All lovers of Africa, wherever they are in the world, can simply buy these unique works.

By playing the role of trusted third party, Anka facilitates transactions as well as exchanges directly between buyers and sellers, in a user-friendly and secure environment.

But Anka is also an open community which allows each member to benefit from the advantages by pooling their needs:

  • sellers can benefit from reductions on their shipping costs

  • buyers can benefit from original discoveries at good prices

We therefore have the firm conviction that a better world for everyone will only be possible by exchanging and bringing together individual interests for common gain, without borders!

Who are we ?

After starting as a project in addition to our executive jobs in 2013, we decided to devote ourselves entirely to this social startup from 2015.

We are first Moulaye and Kadry, two childhood friends, respectively former auditor and project planning engineer, passionate about entrepreneurship but completely new to web, fashion and creation ... After these first years discovering remarkable talents, frustrated passions and this untapped wealth, we discovered our mission and life project.

Our founding team was only missing a technological builder passionate about this African revolution in the person of our dear Luc!

By combining the support of Kadry, the technical virtuosity of Luc and the vision of Moulaye, you have the cocktail that allows us each day to develop a little more fashion, art and crafts Made Of Africa.

To find out more about our history, our views and analyzes, go to

What is our mission ?

The primary objective of Anka is to allow lovers of African creations to realize their passion while allowing creators to live from their own.

To do this, on one hand we build the tools and the framework so that creators inspired by Africa can sell more, better and above all together!

On the other hand, we offer to neophytes or enthusiasts, the best way to buy from the largest choice of African creations, in all transparency and simplicity. We can see in it a so-called "fair" approach, which is rather the fruit of an ethic centered on sustainability, trust and transparency for each party.

This mission begins with building the best way to buy, sell and discover the Made Of Africa creation from all over the world.

Ultimately, our ambition is to offer a friendly exchange experience where everyone does more than buy or sell by relying on a community of passion, regardless of their origins or region of the world.

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