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My product was blocked
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Why was my product blocked ?

The Moderation team is constantly reviewing products in depth to ensure compliance. All products on the marketplace must respect Anka's General Terms of Services, along with local and international e-commerce laws.

If one or more of your products were blocked, you get a notification on your account with the reason for blocking. Below is a list of prohibited items:

  • products with direct medical claims: treatments, diabetes relief, fever, immunity, antioxydant, digestive helps, dental care, etc.

  • beauty products with strong claims: anti acne, anti aging, hair growth serums, scar removals, etc.

  • products who treat sexual wellness and women treatments: menstrual cycle regulations, fertility, erectile boosts, smell / tighten, aphrodisiacs, etc.

  • products who claim to enhance or flatten body parts: breasts, buttocks, belly, hips, etc.

  • whitening and lightening products all together

  • products with spiritual claims: bringing luck, love, money, protection, etc.

  • products who stem from animals, even frozen. Dried meats are allowed if packaging is safely concealed.

  • food supplements and other complements all together.

Products with bad imagery using graphic content or else, and products with imagery advertising one of the above claims will also be blocked.

Note that advertising your phone number is prohibited as well. You can use the Afrikrea messaging system for all discussions with your customers. In case of conflict, only messages exchanged on the platform can be used to argument.

Is the block temporary ?

We block a product because of direct OR potential violations to our guidelines. There are two scenarios :

  1. If your product is clearly violating our guidelines, it will be permanently blocked. Example: whitening products, spiritual products, healing products.

  2. If your product violates our guidelines but can be edited to comply, you can ask for Admin review after editing. Example: "this shea butter will help restore your skin youth" => block / "this shea butter will help hydrate your skin" => OK

To ask an Admin for review, you can write to [email protected].

Kindly note that two product blocks will immediately cause your entire shop to be blocked.

I wish to appeal the decision

If your product is not visible but you did not receive a block notification on your account, it can mean your product was flagged. You can reach our team for more details. If you think your product was wrongfully blocked, you can also write to an Admin at [email protected].

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