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What are good product pictures ? Our checklist
What are good product pictures ? Our checklist
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Good product pictures are essential to your marketing. They catch the eyes and build trust for your customers, 2 key components for any brand that wants to last. Good pictures can be used both on your shop and your social media.

On Anka 50,000+ products have sold since 2017. We analysed them to build our Content Service to help you make sales and grow your brand safely. We provide you with high-quality images and videos tailored for social media, below market price. Write us at [email protected] for more information.

Now to answer the question : what are good product pictures?

  1. Good pictures are authentic. Meaning: pictures that you either shot yourself or had a photographer shoot for you. Pictures taken from websites and social media platforms are forbidden - they will be taken down and shops blocked. See Moderation guidelines

  2. The product is shown worn by a model. Products worn are the #1 factor to building trust. It shows the customer what the product will look like on them, and creates envy.

  3. 3 pictures per product at least, from different angles. Some examples:

    • a piece of clothing is shown front, back and side. Ideally also 3/4

    • a piece of jewelry is shown up-close, from afar, and worn.

    • a wig is shown from front, 3/4, and top, on a mannequin head or a model.

    • a pair of shoes is shown from the top, the side, and worn. Ideally also 3/4

    • a bag is shown front, top, side, and ideally open and closed.

If you have several products from the same type, you can alternate between model-pictures and product-pictures. This shows diversity and content quality.

Having good pictures is an investment for your brand and your products. It helps build your marketplace AND your social media exposure, which bring strength to your brand, which bring sales.

From our experience, every brand that has made more than 2000€ in sales has put in effort into their pictures and content. Write us at [email protected] for more information!

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