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ANKA services and the billing model
ANKA services and the billing model
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ANKA services

With ANKA, you have access to a good number of services, for a subscription fee, that help you optimize the use of your account.

With ANKA you can enjoy :

Your online store

  • You can add as many items to your store as you want for free,

  • You receive orders to be confirmed and shipped,

  • Once the order has been received by your client, the amount is credited to your ANKA virtual wallet

The shipment of all your packages at discounted rates anywhere in the world and insured:

  • Thanks to the shipping volume generated by all of the sellers, you can use DHL at a discounted rate. The more you ship with the ANKA DHL account, the more we can negotiate reduced prices, and the more you save on shipping costs.

  • You can send all your packages, even those that do not come from orders got on ANKA marketplace (other sites or physical orders).

  • No need to travel, save time:

    In your ANKA space, you can generate a waybill, and ask an agent to come and pick up your package wherever you are.

  • Collect your payments from your site and your social networks

For your wholesale orders, personalized and outside Anka marketplace, simply generate a payment link to send directly to your client, via Facebook, Whatsapp, email or in Anka messaging.

After receiving the link, your client is directed to a payment page, and can use all payment methods. Note that some fees are applied when using the ANKA Pay by Link:

For Standard accounts: 7% fee for each transaction via ANKA Pay by Link.

The billing system

  • The subscription

To be able to use Anka services, you have to pay either quarterly (60€), semestrially (100€), or yearly (200€) subscription.

  • Sales fees

There is a commission package. Each shop will be charged according to its sales channel. The billing for a shop is subject to change depending on the evolving criteria.

Payment of the subscription

There are three situations in which your subscription could start automatically:

  • Automatic renewal of an ongoing subscription on its due date

  • You generate a DHL Label, without an ongoing subscription

  • You are credited with the amount of your sale via the direct payment link, without a current subscription

  • Each debit is for the upcoming period.

If your subscription starts on May 13, 2023, the next debit will be on August 13, 2023, or May 13, 2024, depending on the plan you choose.

If you have already paid 60euros, and you decide to take another plan, this new plan will start 30 days after the payment of the 60euros.

You don't have money in your wallet to pay your subscription ?

Since the subscription is deducted from your ANKA wallet, it will be cancelled automatically if you do not have enough funds in your wallet.

In this case, you can credit your wallet by Bank card, Paypal, or any other means available for your area.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any question.

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